A short show of the 'WITNESS:Robert McNeil' exhibition to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of the massacre of Srebrenica. 

Meet the Artists:

Lianxi Zhang & Roy Petrie: Imagine - Shanghai-Glasgow. 

Discussion - with artist & author

'Forgetfulness - The Holocaust & Beyond'

by Roy Petrie, including a Skype discussion with Mark Smith in L.A.

Closing Concert -

Feargus Hetherington & Julia Lynch for 'Forgetfulness - The Holocaust & Beyond' by Roy Petrie.

for one night only

'Tank -init' by T.D. Coats. 


a cultural festival


iota mural


by Casinista

WITNESS: Robert McNeil, M.B.E.-

at the Mitchell Library


by Casinista

'What's in a Mile?' -

pro-am exhibition

'The Virginia Gallery'-

Invention & success.

Pop-up at Gandolfi-

'Off the Hook' by Rita McGurn