iota What's In a Mile & Fringe 2016? - Your Home!

·       Are YOU in the iota Mile? zoom in on the map below to find out.

     Don't worry, if you're near the mile you're in the Fringe!  

·       What makes your home YOUR home? What makes you love it?

1. Take 1-3 photos of your favourite aspect(s) of your home (max. 3 aspects), with your phone or camera.

2. Email them or bring them to iota, along with your details -Please see below. Please also tell us about your entry. 

3. That's it!

The aim is to capture your homes in a new social archive of creativity, showing the essence of how people live in 2016. The collection will be shown in 2017.

Collecting the curious, the fantastic, the fashionable and the classic- whether space, fittings, furniture, bespoke pieces, alterations or objects, we want to see it! 

From Govan to the Botanics and the Park area to the Crow Road, we are looking for a varied selection of intrigue and delight.

See examples from the exhibition at iota below. Tell us about your home.

Get involved. Be part of this unique time-capsule collection. 

So that no one feels left out, we have now added the 'Mile Fringe', so get snapping!

The iota What’s in a Mile & Fringe Collection will be exhibited in 2017.

Participation is free.


iota, Unlimited Studios, 25 Hyndland St, Glasgow G11 5QE

0141 338 6052

'iota What's in a Mile & Fringe 2016? - Your Home!', invites entries from anyone who lives within or near a mile radius of iota. Seeking creativity - what will we find in our mile & fringe?... Here are some examples of What makes your home YOUR home?.

Entry: iota What's In a Mile & Fringe 2016? - Your Home!

·     You must live within a mile radius of iota, or nearby to be part of The Mile Fringe. The subject of each entry must be your home.

·     Submit your name, address, telephone & email details with your photograph(s) in person by or by email to iota.

.     email your entry to

·     Your details will not be passed on to anyone.

·     By submitting your entry you are giving iota permission to contact you to arrange more photographs if appropriate for the project, and to reproduce, exhibit and publish your entry.

·     Thank you!  The collection will be exhibited in 2017 & you will be invited to attend



Entry Title (Max. 3 entries per household.).

Description: Please tell us about your entry