Norman Sutton Hibbert: KINDER KINDER


19 Sept.-5 October @iota

For most of his adult life Sutton Hibbert has been interested in the impact that the behaviour and attitudes of adults, both in the micro and macro sense, have had and are still having on children.

Children still die every day or become parentless due to preventable diseases; world-wide there are thought to be in excess of 250,000 child soldiers; countless die or are maimed due to senseless conflicts, while others are persecuted because of religious or ethnic intolerance.

The works in this exhibition respond to the stories of many of these children, past and present. 

The unashamed use of materials such as fabrics and bright colours, which are part of the daily lives of all of us, are aimed at engaging the viewer and encouraging reflection on the lives of children today.

Artist gets press coverage!!

Great to see all the recent press coverage on our favourite 'discovery', Robert McNeil and his works recently purchased by Glasgow Museums.

Robert also produces great work outside of this story, as do so many talented artists, but the coverage of them and their daily contribution to our lives is way too low.

Thanks also to the Evening Times, the Daily Record & for mentioning iota.

Ruaridh Fraser 'STREET SHAPES'

Friday - 23rd August - More emerging talent at iota!


‘Street Shapes’ presents the emerging talent of Photography Student, Ruaridh Fraser.

Born and based in Glasgow, this urban context offers him endless inspiration and source material for street photography, which is his main interest. Fraser uses an old Pentax to produce carefully composed images. Packed with rich colours, shadows and shapes, this young view of the world is both painterly and punchy.

Clara Brasca: 'ATELIER'

iota welcomes Italian artist, Clara Brasca, and presents 'Atelier': new, large format work, and projection of her previous work.

atelier (3).jpg

Opening Night: 6-9pm. Fri. 14th June.
Exhibition until Saturday 29 June  2019

Clara Brasca was born, lives and works in Milan, where she graduated in architecture from Milan Polytechnic and from Brera School of Art. Interested in the development of contemporary work through classical language, and working predominantly in portrait and landscapes, she explores various techniques, scales and materials: oil on linen, mixed media, paper, glass, ceramics. As well as collective shows, her work has shown in solo exhibitions in Tokyo, Kyoto, California, Barcelona, Glasgow and throughout Italy.


‘The artist’s studio is primarily a mental space, rather than a physical one. It is an existential refuge and it is where the work is realized; it envelopes the thoughts, meditations, the artist and all the objects and materials which combine to bring about the manifestation of work.

After many years of painting in the studio, I felt a desire to paint it’s portrait. Painting one’s studio is similar to painting a self portrait, even if depicting the pure architectural space rather than one’s own image.

Time passes differently in the studio and from within it, everyday reality is breached, giving access to another place, another reality: that of art.’

Clara Brasca.


Opening on Thusday 2nd May, 6-9pm (as usual), the exhibition is on until Saturday 18th May.

'Drawing is needed.  It sets me on the way to try to understand.  Understanding is unachievable, so I have to keep on trying – to keep on drawing.'
Colin Robertson.


iota welcomes you to this third solo show of new work by Colin Robertson. He mentions needing 'triggers' to start drawing, and cites 'things seen- figures, or parts of figures- adverts on a van- works by other artists- the dark line of the sea where it met the sky- the perspective on a slope of cobbled concrete blocks under a motorway...Photos in the newspapers- of female pop singers, pop groups and of women soldiers from North Korea marching (goose-stepping) on parade. A doodle where I let music activate my hand and pen.'
Robertson was born in Glasgow 1936, graduated in Dundee and travelled the world. He lives and walks and works in Scotland. Turn the image, see this work.    
Original work available for purchase. 

iota will not let you down! an action packed programme for 2019!

SO TT GLASGOW tint.jpg

As 2019 continues (with it’s own unique brand of chaos), you can rely on iota to bring you a great range of new work from across the arts disciplines and from Scottish and International artists. Having started the year with a packed house for Lewis Waugh’s EAST-WEST:WEST-EAST show, we will sustain your cultural needs!.

Drawing, mixed media, photography, poetry, film, installations. We have it all in the bag! sign up for our emails or like iota gallery on facebook to get the latest info.



Lewis Waugh’s ‘EAST-WEST:WEST-EAST’, inspired by travels and cultures from Morocco to Scotland, opened on Friday to a packed audience at iota. We promised you art, poetry, calligraphy, Scottish & Arabic culture and VIPs. All duly delivered. A Meg Bateman poem was read in Gaelic, Iyad Hayatleh’s poem ‘50’, was read by the author in Arabic. The VIPs? Guests, Artists, Poets & Politicians. This show is on until 2 March.




Glad to report that at as well as this exhibition of new work by Lewis Waugh, we are happy to present words & poetry at the Preview on Friday 15th February. There will be short readings of work by Gaelic poet Meg Bateman & Glasgow/Palestinian poet, Iyad Hayatleh.

Edinburgh – based artist Lewis Waugh acknowledges the influence of Islamic art on his imagery. The resultant abstract forms are a fusion of Islamic geometry and Hebridean dreaming.

Hope to see you there.




All religions share the same fundamental principles of love and peace expressed through wisdom and compassion for others. How then can these immutable tenets be interpreted in such a way as to promote intolerance, hatred and extreme violence, is it in fact politics more than religious fanaticism that has led terrorists to blow themselves up?

This new exhibition by David Campbell challenges the nature of what western media brands as “Islamic terrorism” and “Buddhist oppression”

Exhibition until Saturday 20th October.

Crossing @ iota

Tuesday 22 May – Saturday 2 June 2018

Artists Talk 4p.m. Saturday 26 May followed by Private View.

10 years of meeting, making and exploring the boundaries of warp and weft.

LM - North Land.JPG

From the freshness of first experiments, through developing technique and an emerging ‘voice’, each weaver’s journey is shown by a retrospective collection of tapestries.

14 artists, 14 outlooks, passion and palette. Paths crossing, converging, responding. Images of love and admiration, of landscapes dark and dense, scoured, vast, worked and wild.

Judith Aylett, Lorraine Darwin, Alan Gilchrist, Eileen Hughes, Libby Hughes, Susan Hunt, Daphne Kirk, Robin Low, Louise Martin, Margarett Maxwell, Gillian Morris, Gill Owen, Mhairi Stewart, Jan Watson

People/Place: 3 Photographers

Laji Varghese + Emma Crichton + Ian Graham.

Opening 6-9pm, Thursday 15th March, until 31 March 2018.

Emma Crichton

Emma Crichton

Featuring three photographers with Glasgow connections, we present contemporary photography in a Scottish and International context.

Uncontrived reality is portrayed by all three artists. In works linking Glasgow, The Forth, Galicia and the Himalayas, we may all have more in common that we realise.

T. D. Coats: 'Reflection, Deflection, Detourment'


by Rita McGurn

Until 3 March 2018

About the artist:

T.D. Coats is based in Glasgow, ‘though he thinks in Leadhills. 

A Glasgow School of Art Graduate, education has been a consistent feature in his life, taking on various apprentices and collaborators, and tutoring part time at various institutions. 

He is of eternal optimism that things will get better. 

Many years have been spent demonstrating and remonstrating about how the arts should talk less and do more. 

Observation is his bag, comment is often reserved. 

‘Reserved’ in the sense of ‘being kept back’, rather than ‘being shy and quiet’, 

What you see is what you get.

Fanfare for 2017?


iota would like to thank all the creative people who have contributed so much to iota this year, and those of you who came to our events. 

Here's the last event that iota will tell you about this year. Happy to report that through your support we have been able to take a hefty box of art materials to the Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity.

We have a stonking programme for 2018, so get your calendars at the ready!

'Borders' thematic exhibition


iota is happy to host this exhibition by the Scottish members of the British Tapestry Group, from1-9 December. 28 exhibitors explore the theme, in a variety of woven formats.  A sense of place - from the inner self, the impact of global warming, physical borders, barriers and being on the edge, the politics of exclusion, war and refugees, is juxtaposed alongside images of the beauty around us in gardens and landscape.  Exhibits include 3-dimensional weaving on “found” objects; the diversity of these pieces showcase how creative weavers can be. The work can be purchased.