8-11th July, 10 - 5.


Herald Scotland The pride and pain of remembering Srebrenica

iota presents a selection of work from

'WITNESS: Robert McNeil, M.B.E'

An exhibition of significance for all humanity, this work demonstrates the power of art as a means to express, process, mediate and communicate the most extreme of experiences. It demonstrates the power of human determination, both by artist and subjects. It presents hope and terror as well as inspiration.  

Produced over a period of three years, in direct response to his forensic science work in numerous war zones, Robert McNeil explores various means by which to express his experience. Each subject is laden with symbolism in a contemporary iconography.  As with his work in war-torn regions demanded, he also delivers forensic detail in his art. Humble and sensitive insight is offered, with clear warnings to the viewer.

This exhibition is about more than art. It is an exposé of the lengths that some will go to to destroy humanity, and a revelation on the lengths that others will go to to restore human dignity. 

‘WITNESS’ comprises twelve works of art accompanied by information and comment from international experts on the tragic contexts which provoked them.  The works shown here relate directly to Srebrenica, and are exhibited as a mark of respect, both for those directly affected and those who strive to restore their dignity. 

Monica McCarey, iota.

Interview by the Telegraph