Clara Brasca: 'ATELIER'

iota welcomes Italian artist, Clara Brasca, and presents 'Atelier': new, large format work, and projection of her previous work.

atelier (3).jpg

Opening Night: 6-9pm. Fri. 14th June.
Exhibition until Saturday 29 June  2019

Clara Brasca was born, lives and works in Milan, where she graduated in architecture from Milan Polytechnic and from Brera School of Art. Interested in the development of contemporary work through classical language, and working predominantly in portrait and landscapes, she explores various techniques, scales and materials: oil on linen, mixed media, paper, glass, ceramics. As well as collective shows, her work has shown in solo exhibitions in Tokyo, Kyoto, California, Barcelona, Glasgow and throughout Italy.


‘The artist’s studio is primarily a mental space, rather than a physical one. It is an existential refuge and it is where the work is realized; it envelopes the thoughts, meditations, the artist and all the objects and materials which combine to bring about the manifestation of work.

After many years of painting in the studio, I felt a desire to paint it’s portrait. Painting one’s studio is similar to painting a self portrait, even if depicting the pure architectural space rather than one’s own image.

Time passes differently in the studio and from within it, everyday reality is breached, giving access to another place, another reality: that of art.’

Clara Brasca.