Mixed media

T. D. Coats: 'Reflection, Deflection, Detourment'


by Rita McGurn

Until 3 March 2018

About the artist:

T.D. Coats is based in Glasgow, ‘though he thinks in Leadhills. 

A Glasgow School of Art Graduate, education has been a consistent feature in his life, taking on various apprentices and collaborators, and tutoring part time at various institutions. 

He is of eternal optimism that things will get better. 

Many years have been spent demonstrating and remonstrating about how the arts should talk less and do more. 

Observation is his bag, comment is often reserved. 

‘Reserved’ in the sense of ‘being kept back’, rather than ‘being shy and quiet’, 

What you see is what you get.

'Borders' thematic exhibition


iota is happy to host this exhibition by the Scottish members of the British Tapestry Group, from1-9 December. 28 exhibitors explore the theme, in a variety of woven formats.  A sense of place - from the inner self, the impact of global warming, physical borders, barriers and being on the edge, the politics of exclusion, war and refugees, is juxtaposed alongside images of the beauty around us in gardens and landscape.  Exhibits include 3-dimensional weaving on “found” objects; the diversity of these pieces showcase how creative weavers can be. The work can be purchased.

3 things you need to know NOW

Cyanotypes by  Sara Alonso-Martínez:

1. You only have until 5pm tomorrow to see 'Not Alone' by Sara Alonso-Martínez:

2. You can see Carol Kidd performing at the Artlink Central Charity Gala - Art Off the Rocks, tomorrow evening in Bridge of Allan. Gala event starts 6.30pm

3. Only 2 weeks until Kate Charlesworth's 'BLAMM!' opens at iota. Curated by John McShane.