What's in a Mile & Fringe?

We want photos of your nest, your den, your castle, your pride & joy - YOUR HOME.

In 2016 we set out to gather a collection of photographs showing how we choose to live today. Presenting the entries in a comprehensive exhibition, this collection will form a cultural & social archive for posterity, as well as give us all a sneaky peak at how the people around us choose to live.

Initially it was limited to 'What's in a Mile' radius of iota, but having had complaints from people who don't live within a mile radius, we added 'the fringe'. Now it's getting even more interesting!

This is not a collection of glossy magazine shots, so please don't tidy up.

This is not a photographic competition, so please just get your phone out and get snapping. We are of course happy to get photos from 'proper' cameras.

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