About the artist:

"azurebumble" is Alan Wilson MFA.

Alan originates from Elgin in the North East of Scotland, and currently resides in Dundee. After gaining his Fine Art BA at Moray College in 2001, he went on to gain his Honours and Masters at Dundee’s Duncan of Jordanston School of Art in 2007.

Since leaving education, Alan has spent the last three years in his studio, exhibiting from time to time, including a public art project for Dundee City Council and the Lost Gallery in Aberdeenshire.

If one were to ask Alan what his work is about, he’d probably change the subject. If he’s in a talkative mood, he’ll use words such as “playfulness” and “improvisation”, and looking over his past metal sculptures, oil paintings and wood carvings it would be hard to disagree. A common theme running throughout his work is of a deconstructive joy, with a firm nod to the purity of the aesthetic –

“it is what it is” says the bearded man.

About Parallel Universes:

It’s about deconstruction-reconstruction-deconstruction-reconstruction...That’s what I do – when an image is “finished” I take the most interesting parts and place them in a pool, ready to restart the process. All these images in ‘Parallel Universes’ started off as one simple photograph.”

Whilst much of his time-consuming process results in a considered and colourful abstract collection, Alan has been known to dip in to the familiar, hinting at playful, child-like structures and forms.