Tank Pc

T. D. Coats

T.D. Coats originates from the West of Scotland, and currently resides in Glasgow. For many years he collaborated with the George Wylie, on projects such as the Crystal Ship and Speirs Lock. His art production spiralled from there. He is a co-founder of iota (2010), and founding partner of Unlimited Studios multidisciplinary practice (2007). He collaborated with Peter McCarey on the exhibition/installation ‘Confessionals and Vending Machines’.


About Space and Place

machine, air, power, light, water, drawing.

Opposites (attract)-

light-shade, above-below, over-under,

dark-light, in-out, open-closed,

access-trap, up-down, enclosure-exposure,

tangible-intangible, urban-rural.

Shelter-rain, sun-wind, here-there,

Narrow guage rail. Concrete-timber.

Reflection, deflection,


About the artist:

After gaining his Degree at Glasgow School of Art in 1980, he went on to Post Graduate Study, finishing in 1980 something. Education has been a consistent feature in his life, taking on various apprentices and collaborators, and tutoring part time at various institutions. 

He is of eternal optimism that things will get better. 

Many years have been spent in his studio, demonstrating and remonstrating from time to time, about how the arts should talk less and do more. ‘If I’d a tenner for every hour I've spent on nice ideas, I’d be minted’.

Observation is his bag, comment is often reserved. ‘Reserved’ in the sense of ‘being kept back’, rather than ‘being shy and quiet’, as some who think they know him might think that he is…

About ‘Seeing Double’:

What you see is what you get. Don’t see, don’t get.