4 October until 20th October 2018.


All religions share the same fundamental principles of love and peace expressed through wisdom and compassion for others. How then can these immutable tenets be interpreted in such a way as to promote intolerance, hatred and extreme violence, is it in fact politics more than religious fanaticism that has led terrorists to blow themselves up?

This new exhibition by David Campbell challenges the nature of what western media brands as “Islamic terrorism” and “Buddhist oppression”


David Campbell


'Points of Reference'

Campbell's work attempts to describe the highly complex relationship between memory and place, particularly where urban form and space – the points of reference - have been swept away.  His work is clearly architectural but ambiguous. What we see are evocations of place beyond mere recollected appearance. In the 21st century it seems that architecture is still committed to the physical creation of place as an ideal, a perfect plan for living that can be revealed by research and design. However, the very nature of life is impermanence and flux and Campbell’s work explores the proposition that there cannot be a place outside of mind and memory.

Oils, Acrylics, Prints.

POINTS OF REFERENCE by David Campbell, Exhibition of Paintings & Prints, iota March 2015. Film & Music by Scott McClure.

R. Ventoso video