John Taylor 


iota is honoured to present ‘Fragile’, an exhibition of timeless and poignant work by the renowned John Taylor.

4-26 August 2017.


‘Some of the works are from the 80s and 90s and have never been exhibited before. Also included is a recent work finished this year, ‘The Way & the Sea’.

I thought ‘Fragile’ would be a suitable title for this exhibition. It’s an evocative word, fragile: we can think of Planet Earth, global warming, pollution, and much more, according to our own perspective, however some people don’t give a shit!

Back in the 1960’s my CND banner was ‘The blackbird sings and the baby cries, midway in the century of horror.’ Not much has changed; humanity still seems hell bent in heading for destruction.

We’ve all got our own, sometimes beautiful thoughts on fragile: “My love is like a red red rose...”

I’ve been privileged to have had many exhilarating days on Scottish hills and mountains, sometimes in extreme conditions, when you are aware of the fragile space where survival is possible, your own and the eco system of plants & insects existing there.’

John Taylor

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