STREF' at iota


7-23 June 2018

The many talents of this illustrator, writer & graphic novelist on show at iota.  Acclaimed  for his work on ‘The Dandy’, ‘The Beano’ & ‘Oor Wullie’ for  D.C Thomson, as well as ‘The Broon Windsors’ in Viz, his graphic novel  ‘Raising Amy’ and the first graphic adaptation of ‘Peter Pan' are pure joy in print.  See various stages of production, from sketch book to publication. Original artwork & prints available for purchase.

Pan (p26).jpg

Review by kirsty mcGrory

(Extract) 'The impulse to retain a sense of levity and irreverence feels very pertinent for an artist who, having garnered widespread acclaim for Peter Pan, and after sixteen years of working at Establishment institution DC Thomson, decided to move to maverick rival publication Viz. Stref now spends much of his working day drawing mischievous parodies of the characters he used to illustrate in new strips such as Oor Prince Wullie and The Broon Windsors.'